Time for Thank You!

The last week of my internship at Web Courses Bangkok is now officially finished. This all feels so surreal. Have I really been in Thailand for 6 months already? It’s so crazy how fast this time has gone by and next Thursday I will already fly back to Finland. And it almost feels like I came here yesterday. These past 6 months has been the best six months of my life. It has been roller coaster at times but I wouldn’t change even a second of it. I’m so thankful and so grateful for Carl and Taya for giving me this opportunity and taking me to be part of WCB family. I never would have even guessed how amazing my time in here would be.¬† Continue reading “Time for Thank You!”

Week 23

Back to Bangkok! Today is Father’s Day here in Thailand which means that we had longer weekend and perfect opportunity to go for an adventurous trip. Art, Oui, Teera and I left to Suan Phueng on Saturday morning and came back today via Hua Hin. On Suan Phung we were camping, went to rabbit farm (happiest moment ever) and on Sunday morning 5am we took an extremely bumpy ride up to a mountain to see a sunrise and even though we didn’t see the sun from the clouds, the view was stunning. The mountain is located next to Myanmar border so we were able to see Myanmar from the mountain and it was awesome! Continue reading “Week 23”

Week 22

Hello hello! How come time go so fast??? I feel like I say the same every week but I still keep wondering…I have less than three weeks left here in Thailand and slowly I’ve been starting to prepare everything for going back home. Still a lot of things to do and prepare before leaving but I enjoy it. Continue reading “Week 22”

Week 20

We are celebrating Father’s Day today in Finland so Happy Father’s Day for all Dad’s and Dad-to-be’s! (Including you Carl ūüôā ) Week 20 is almost over and it’s crazy to think that I have only 4 more weeks left of my internship. I almost miss this heat and summer weather already when I think about going back to cold and dark Finland. But that crispy winter air…I miss that. There’s no words to explain how good it feels to take a deep breath and get that fresh and cold air into your lungs. Gives me chills even thinking about it. Continue reading “Week 20”

Week 19

What a weekend and what a day! Day without any plans turned to day with full of plans and that was really nice! Yesterday I visited our office since Singh and John was doing extra workday¬†and Singh had taken his furry son aka Bacardi the golden retriever with him to the office so of course I had to go and meet Mr Bacardi. Continue reading “Week 19”

Week 18

I can’t believe it’s November in two days and I have only 6 weeks left of my internship. Like, what? I just came here! In Finland it’s easy to keep on track on what time of the¬†year it is since we have all the four seasons but here in¬†Bangkok it’s eternal summer so the weather is pretty much the¬†same than five months ago…I will be in shock to go back home since we’ll have (hopefully) full winter going on. Not to lie, I’ve been missing home a¬†little bit¬†lately and the closer my departure gets, the more excited I get to go back home.

I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Thailand and I’ve definitely learned a lot of things not only work related but also things about myself. I’ve learned to appreciate the things and people that I have in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful of being able to do my internship here in WCB and meet all¬†these awesome¬†people that I’ll be friends with¬†for life.¬†I never would have even imagined that my time in here would be as colorful as it has been this far. I’m so happy that I’ve met people that genuinely care about me and take care of me. I feel like in here these people brings out the best of me and¬†I truly¬†can be myself around them.

This week was pretty much similar than last one and I busted my ass off to finish my project for the school for Friday. Singh tried to give me pressure on Friday but I turned his focus on Would You Rather questions and we ended up having quite¬†deep conversations on different topics. I love it that we can discuss about anything at the office and it’s really interesting to hear others opinions and outlooks on certain things. We’ve shared so many interesting stories and as the baby of the office,¬†it’s really fascinating to me to¬†hear their experiences. I really wonder what kind of stories I’ll have to share after 5 or 10¬†years, haha ūüėÄ

On Thursday everyone at the agency was doing some overtime, which we usually don’t have to do though, and when clock was coming to 6.30pm and everyone was still eyes glued on the screen I though if anyone even noticed the time pass ūüėÄ I really liked it though. On Friday we also stayed little bit longer at the office and somehow there is this certain kind of magical¬†atmosphere¬†at the office when it’s already dark outside and everyone is just kind of working and almost chilling but still trying to finish¬†everything¬†at the same time.

My little tip for this Sunday is that don’t take things for granted and try to live in¬†the moment because in the end, this moment is all we have.¬†When life gives you lemons, make a chocolate cake and let others think how the f*** you did that. I’m strong believer that everything happens for a reason and that you can have anything you want in life when you just put your mind and focus into it. Have fun and just do it. Hope everyone had a great Sunday! ūüôā


Week 17

Good evening my friends. Feels like last weekend was yesterday and for me, it actually almost was. On Monday I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I came back on Wednesday so I had long weekend and this one will be longer as well since tomorrow is also holiday. My trip to KL was amazing and I never thought that I would come back as refreshed as I did. Continue reading “Week 17”

Week 16

Moikkelis! Hard to find a correct word to describe this week but I’d say that this week has been different. Thursday was one of the saddest days in Thailand’s history and that date will be remembered. I remember Friday as day when everyone wore black and white and the atmosphere was more down than ever. Feels like everything stopped and I hoped that all this would have been just a bad dream and soon we would wake up. To follow all the happenings with the eyes of a foreigner, this has been an eye opening and memorable experience for me.¬† Continue reading “Week 16”

Week 15

Sweet Sunday and it’s time for me to write about my week at WCB again. Like last week, I spent most of my week working with our dear Woocommerce and few e-commerce sites. Same same but different. I’ve added tons of new products, created custom fields, added some description and banners to category pages to help SEO and did some styling for the shop. Continue reading “Week 15”